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Looking for some chills games to play to help de-stress after work or a hard session of Nioh, Sekiro or any other games that raise your blood pressure and induce a haze of rage? Well, you’ve come to the right place as I will be recommending 5 great games that will help you remember what happiness and relaxation is, and you don’t even have to stop gaming (if you’re a hardcore gamer).

Without further ado, here are five games that will help you relax and bring your stress levels back down to a more healthy and normal range.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

What can I say about this game? It is absolutely relaxing, calming and addictive, not to mention mindless fun.

When you start it up, you’re in a cut scene with your grandpa who is bedridden and is about to pass away, he gives you a letter that he tells you not to open until you’ve reached a point in your life when you’re just sick of it all, and need a change.

I know, it’s a sad introduction to the game at first, but it is very heart-warming as you see that your character heeded their late grandfather’s last wish and didn’t open it until they were all grown up and stuck in a corporate desk job with the letter in the top drawer. Years had passed, and they still kept their grandpa’s letter close by, goes to show how dear he was.

Anyway, this letter is a deed to a little cottage on a farm on the outskirts of a town in Stardew Valley. As your character makes their way there, the scenery has changed as well as the overall mood, from a gray, lifeless city job to a vibrant and fresh life of farmer.

It is here, on this farm near Pelican Town that you start a new life. You get to farm; tilling the land, planting seeds, nurturing them into fully grown healthy crops, it’s quite fulfilling actually. That’s not the only thing you get to do either, there are so many more activities that can be done in order to create a successful and wealthy life for yourself.

There is fishing, mining and going around town to get to know the NPC’s. There are a total of 12 bachelors and bachelorettes that you can get to know, date, marry and possibly even have children with. It is all very involved and makes you embrace the game, its world and characters with open arms, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Great for winding down and having a good time.

The Sims Series

The Sims 4

Next up is The Sims, any of the games in the series. What’s more fun than having total control over everything that a sim can do? Not much when you get to live your ideal life vicariously through your sims. There is no storyline here or introduction, pretty much create your character choose your starter home or create your own and start living your dream life, even if it’s just virtual.

Sounds very similar to real life, and it’s just that it is, except you can do everything you want all in a span of a few hours or days, want to become an astronaut? Just choose the astronaut career option and away you go, no prior education needed, all on the job training!

Want to be a world-famous actor/actress? Choose that career path and work your way from the bottom to become an A-list celebrity.

Or if you prefer to be your own boss, you can do that too! If none of these appeal to you, you can also be a potato or a shut in, truly whatever you want.

Life on the fast track and very low stress, a great game to unwind with as you have total control over everything that your virtual self can do with no societal consequences or restrictions. The only restrictions though are how many expansion packs you have as the main ones add new careers, features, furniture and much more.

If you want true Sims freedom, then by all means the expansions are worth it, in The Sims world, not even the sky is the limit with how many things you can do and the customization is limitless.

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia

This game is very similar to Stardew Valley in that it is also an “escape from life to start anew somewhere else” kind of game. There isn’t much back story here but there is a main storyline which is the first that I’ve seen in this genre.

My Time at Portia is centered around the life of a carpenter/builder. You have to rely on commissions and order requests as the means to make the big bucks, but other than that, you’re your own boss.

That’s not all that can be done in the game, there are side quests as well, hunting, gathering resources, upgrading your skills as well as your equipment and there are even dungeons to go through.

Hunting and gathering resources is pretty straight forward, there are mines you can explore in order to find materials needed to upgrade your machines/equipment or create products that can be sold and/or are required to fulfill contracts.

Overall, it’s pretty fun, your brain is focused on what needs to be done next, where you need to go and which villagers you need to see (if you care about that stuff for extra immersion). It takes your mind off of whatever was stressing you out before.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher Theme

Another chill game is Slime Rancher, the name is self-explanatory, you run a ranch that makes its money off taking care of slimes and collecting their products. Slimes aren’t the only things here though, there are chickens and plants that can be raised alongside them to create your very own variety farm.

I know the word slime isn’t associated with anything cute or appealing, is usually gross, but in this game, these little slimes have faces as well as facial expressions and can make cute little noises, they are adorable and some of them are even cool looking, might sound creepy but believe me, it’s really not. They might just melt that stress off you.

The main point of this game is to explore the planet, discover what slime types there are as well as taking care of and expanding your ranch to give you maximum money making potential. No storyline here, just press the start button and have at it.

It’s all quite relaxing as the planet is very interesting to explore. Of course, the most motivating factor is making that virtual money and owning as much of the planet’s animals, slimes and resources as you can. Definitely an alternative life and does a good job of bringing out your inner child, reminding you of a more simple time in life.

Animal Crossing Games

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Last on this list is the Animal Crossinseries. This one is a Nintendo exclusive title and can only be played on their consoles and handhelds. It’s a very cute and unique game as you get to live an alternate life that is filled with freedom, mostly.

For this recommendation, I’m going to be focusing on the latest Animal Crossing that Nintendo has recently released on their switch consoles.

Starting off with an introduction of yourself and character creation, you get to choose which island you want to move to and start building a new life. Each of these islands have their own unique perks such as what kind of fruit and residents are living there.

Once you land on the island of your choice, there is a little celebration party with all the different kinds of animals that will be starting their life alongside you. You’ll notice that each of these colonizers are of a different species, but are humanoid, intelligent and are quirky in their own way, pretty refreshing in my opinion. 

It’s filled with things you can do, such as gathering resources, visiting other islands, bringing more people to your island to grow it, catch bugs and fish all while earning money or “miles” towards purchasing other perks to improve your quality of life

A game that doesn’t have much of a story line, but is instead focused on taking your mind off things and distracting you with fun.

Chill Games, Chill Life


Life can be stressful, we all need something to help us relax and forget about it for a while. These are just 5 games that helped me out when it came to stress, there are more out there and I will be sure to add them as they are discovered and created.

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Let me know what helps you de-stress down in the comments, and if you’ve played any of these games or have any suggestions that can be added to the list. Thanks for checking out the post, hope you stay as stress free as possible, that’s a key factor in living a long and fulfilling life!