Doom 2016 PC Review


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Yeah, it’s 2020 and I’m doing a DOOM 2016 PC game review even though Doom Eternal is out now. What can I say, I can be a little slow getting to games, can you blame me? There are SO many games out there, and with the backlog that I’ve built up over the years, I’m struggling to get to them all.

DOOM 2016 just coincidentally made it to my “to finish” list as Doom Eternal was being released and chances of me getting to that game right after finishing this one up are slim, I’ll still get to it though, maybe before the next year if my first person shooter (FPS) gaming crave isn’t over by then.

Not so Smart Geniuses

Doom Hell Portal

You know the world is doomed when people who are considered geniuses decide that opening a portal to Hell is the best solution to Earth’s energy problems. The story as I understand it in this game is that Earth is facing a huge energy problem and the world’s most smartest people have all gotten together to find a solution. In this timeline, humans have made it to Mars and have discovered an infinite energy source which they named “Argent Energy”.

Problem with this is that they can only get it from a place that is filled with demons. Of course, what comes along with this is scientific curiosity.

“Why not capture some demons and bring them back to Mars for experimentation while we’re here? It’ll be fun, we can even weaponize them and enhance them to make them more cool.” I’m pretty sure that was going through their heads when they first discovered a way into that plane of existence.

Doom Olivia Pierce

Being the “geniuses” that they were, they did just that and you know what happened to them? They were all either corrupted and turned into demons themselves or were torn apart. Good show guys, you’re doing Earth and science a huge favor, the saviors of the world! Not.

Now you, as in the player who is role-playing the Doom Slayer, destroyer of demons is needed again to fix this mess and keep them from spreading back to Earth. You get to go through the Argent facilities and the demon’s home world destroying everything you can, equipped with enough weapons and ammo that could supply an entire army. It’s fitting really, you are the epitome of a “one man army”.

Honestly, all of this probably could have been prevented if they had decided instead to focus their brain power on more research and development into quantum energy. There is already some progress on that front, they just have to work on refining that knowledge and then translating that into safe, practical use, but no, let’s open a portal to Hell instead. It IS fun to go around pulverizing all those demons though, so I guess it’s not all bad.

Battles are Intense, Challenging and Fun

Doom Cyber Demon

Here’s where the fun is, sure the story is pretty nice and well directed, but the shooting and fighting is where it’s all at. Being an extremely powerful killing machine that can take down hordes of demons even in their own territory and striking fear into them is pretty satisfying too.

There are SO many weapons you can use, to name a few are the Gauss cannon, rocket launcher, chainsaw and the BFG – 9000 which is a special weapon that can destroy all demonic tissue by implosion, it can get quite gruesome actually, but it’s absolutely spectacular and fun. All these weapons are conveniently and neatly arranged in Doomguy’s pockets for quick access, after all, he is a beast when it comes to this kind of stuff so why not give him some deep pockets so he can do his job right. 

Personally, the chainsaw and super shot gun are two of my favorite weapons. The shot gun and later the super shot gun were the main weapons that I would always be running around and shooting with. Usually I’m one of those people who prefer mid to long range weapons, but in Doom 2016, I really enjoyed running up to enemies and making them explode.

Doom Glory Kill

You kind of have to be up in their face anyway as you can perform glory kills on highlighted foes that will help replenish your health and ammo as things can get a little crazy. Sometimes when I’m doing challenges or going through a section of the map that is infested with demons, I start to feel tense and start raging when I die because the enemy spam is can be too much.

I had to run around the whole area making sure that my aim was on point and had plenty of ammo left in my trusty shot gun in order to survive. Let me tell you, if you get cornered by a bunch of enemies, there’s no way out of it (unless you’re lucky) except to surrender yourself to the horde and try again. I got stuck many times because there were just too many of them, they all backed me up into a corner and proceeded to tear me a new one, literally.

That is the reason why combat can be challenging in this game, having to always be on the move and honing my aiming skills, there’s no standing around being all trigger happy, I actually had to try, adapt and improve.

There are also gun challenges that can be done in each area, these really tested my skills and only got harder as I progressed through the story, the perks you get after conquering these challenges though can be worth it.

I loved the combat in this game, fast and intense and sometimes I would get that accomplishment high after finally taking down a particular horde of monsters or a boss that was giving me a hard time. It was fantastic.

Not Open world, but Still Lots to Explore

Doom Titan

For a single player shooting game with a story, I wasn’t expecting to get as much content to explore as I did with this. I’m more used to those shooters that are like the Call of Duty franchise, small areas that have only one way to go and isn’t designed with exploration in mind, just a short little mediocre campaign and then off to the next game or multiplayer mode.

So, Doom 2016 surprised me with how much you could do and explore in a more open area. Lots of secrets, challenges, weapons and praetor suit tokens were lying around waiting to be found and in addition to that, if you’ve played the classic Doom titles, the developers even put some of those maps in as easter eggs.

Kind of like a throwback for those that loved the Doom games before, it’s pretty cool to see and discover even if you’re not one of those fans that played the earlier entries. It was a very fun and enjoyable experience for me and exploring helps stretch out the game a bit more which in turn prolongs the fun. 

Final Thoughts: 10/10 Epically Fun

Doom Demon Horde

Overall, Doom 2016 is one of the most epic shooting games I have ever played. The soundtrack coupled with the crazy gunfights just make me feel like a boss as I’m running around the battle arena taking demons down left and right.

I don’t have much bad things to say about this game other than it was kind of sad that there weren’t more melee weapons in the roster. In my opinion, for a game like this where you have to be up in their faces for those glorious finishers, having more melee weapons would have been a great addition to the arsenal.

Also, as a side note, maybe a little dodge mechanic would help too for getting out of those tight corners where the hordes can trap you in, sure you can jump, but so can they and they can kill you while you’re in the air.

Despite these minor things, the game still played extremely well and filled a gaming hole that I didn’t know needed filling. Thanks to this game, I have now been put into the “shooting game phase” where I just have to keep playing more shooters.

Now all I have to worry about is which one to play next, it won’t be Doom Eternal as I have mentioned earlier, “why not” you ask? Well, simply because I need to exercise some self-restraint and finish the backlog of other shooters that I have before getting any new ones, plus I kind of need a break from the intensity that came with the game, I raged a few times while playing it to 100% completion.

Have you played DOOM? What did you think of it?

I’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences down in the comments below, I’d be happy to geek out about this game with you. If you’re new and have questions, leave them down below as well, I’ll gladly answer them as best I can and hope you all enjoyed this article.

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