Fun Games to Play With Family

Fun Games to Play with Family

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It’s time for some family fun and I’m recommending these 5 games that are a staple to some good family bonding time. Whether you’re at a big family gathering or just chilling with your immediate family, they’re even fun to play with your friends!

During times when the world feels like it’s going crazy and the only people that you can or want to hang out with are your family members, playing games together is a great way to bond with each other and be closer as human beings. We all need something to take the edge off and these gaming options are great for that, not to mention they’re appropriate for all ages.

Jackbox Party Packs

Jackbox Games

I’ve mentioned this one in another of my posts about how games are good for you, but didn’t really go into too much detail. I’m including this one again here because it can be played with a huge amount of people at once. The whole family, immediate, extended or friends who are like family can all join together and let the humor and good times flow, and you don’t even have to get together for it to work.

The only things needed are your phones or other electronic devices such as tablets, iPads, laptops or computers that are connected to the internet, the games themselves, and a bunch of people who want to play to get it up and running. Now, I say that the whole family and more can play, but it’s set up in a way that up to 8 “main” people can join and the rest are in the “audience”.

There are a lot of game modes that you can choose from, one such mode is “quiplash” where you are presented a statement with a blank that you have to fill in to complete the quip. These can be as factual, humorous or as vulgar as you want and each person has to choose which answer fits the most into the blank, if you get too close to the actual answer, you won’t be able to submit it.

Other modes include trivia for a trivia night, a drawing mode if you’re all feeling creative and, one of my personal favorites; Mad Verse City from Jackbox Party Pack 5. In this mode, you get to come up with a rap line of your own that can be as mean or nice as you want, you could even come up with your own diss track to roast a family member, all for some lighthearted fun of course.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart

Ahhh, Mario Kart. This Nintendo game is a classic, it’s been around for as long as I can remember, though the first one I played was on the Wii. I recall a time when this was the main game my family and I played at most of our gatherings.

Playing as iconic childhood characters with motion controls to make them do stunts and show off as you’re racing around fun, colorful tracks and hitting those item blocks hoping for a bullet to boost you through the ranks, or for a blue shell to mess up whichever family member is in first place at the time.

It’s not restricted to just family and friends either. There is an online mode where people from around the world can connect and play against each other; you could even bring in your whole family to work together in order to get the top spots on the chart, teach those outsiders a lesson.

A game that is full of fun, promotes some healthy competition and valuable family bonding time, a must for anyone who owns a Nintendo device.

Mario Party

Mario Party

Another Nintendo exclusive game that I remember having fun with is Mario Party. I think the first one I played was back on the Gamecube when I was in elementary school. It wasn’t played as much as Mario Kart though or the next entry that I will be talking about a little later.

I find the new one to be just as fun as its predecessors, it adds and expands to the ongoing series, keeping in style with the family friendly competition as well as promoting teamwork. Whenever we fire Mario Party up, we’d just go straight to the mini games or choose the water rafting mode, that one seems to be the favorite.

Of course, there is also the classic mode where each player hits a die to determine who goes first and how many spots forward you will move, much like a board game.

The goal is to have as many stars as possible before the session ends, collecting as many coins as you can doesn’t hurt either as it will allow you to purchase boosts and stars which will give you an advantage over the competition. 

Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros

This game is the one that my family and I ALWAYS play, usually for many hours, we just can’t get enough of it. For a good reason too; it’s a game that is centered around fighting with all the most iconic Nintendo characters that have been created.

The style is set like a battle arena, up to 8 people can go up against each other, you can also set up teams to duke it out with other family members or make a super family unit to dominate the AI opponents.

Also included is a little story mode where you can team up together and fight through whatever misfortune has befallen the Nintendo world to unlock and save all the other beloved symbols of our childhood in order to be able to play as them too.

My first experience with the Super Smash Bros franchise was on the Gamecube, at the time I was only familiar with Link and Mario so I didn’t try out much of the other character options.

To this day, whenever we boot it up on the Switch, I still choose Link as I know that his move set can be pretty strong, not to mention I’m kind of garbage with everyone else anyway.

Great for beginners as well since it doesn’t really require much skill, just the basics such as knowing what the attack button is, how to run from one side of the arena to the other and keeping an eye on your avatar so you don’t fall off the map, you’ll be sure to get in a few defeats or catch your more experienced family members and opponents off guard.

Overall, a great game that does the same thing as the others on this list, promoting some healthy and fun family competition, teamwork to overcome obstacles as well as to strengthen our family bonds.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2

One of the latest games to have made it into our repertoire though we don’t play it much because it can be frustrating and a little stressful sometimes, for my family at least. Overcooked 2 is a game that is heavily focused on teamwork; playing as chef’s that have to work in perfect harmony to fulfill customer orders on time.

Doesn’t sound too hard right? You have complete faith that your family can work well together but, it turns out to be complete chaos once it’s all up and running.

Moving platforms and sliding equipment can make things quite difficult, playing in areas that have split platforms requires a lot of communication to be happening in order to get the right ingredients to put together a dish that might need to be thrown back across to the other platform to be served.

My family and I don’t really like being told what to do, so having a designated “head chef” is a little hard, all we can do is say what we need and hope that one of us hears it and throws us the requested item.

Absolutely pure chaos, especially when we’re down to the last few seconds of the timer, trying to cobble together at least one more dish in the hopes of getting more than a 1 star rating on the level.

It may be stressful, loud and can get a little crazy, but it is a TON of fun, it will either build up your family bonds or wear them down, depending on whether each player is taking the game a little too seriously or if you’re all just looking for a good time.

It’s Family Fun Time!

I know most of the games on this list are Nintendo exclusive games, but can you blame me? Nintendo has always been about that family friendly fun and my very first gaming experience was on one of their consoles, so they’ll always be a favorite.

All the games listed here have always kept my family and I entertained as well as connected to each other and we all need that every now and then, especially during hard times when they’re the only people who are constantly in your life and are physically in the same space as you most of the time.

If you’re tired of family and want a game that gives you a break from everything, I’ve made a list of chill games to play that can help you escape real life for a bit.

Or, if you’re looking for a more serious game, you can check out my other posts here for some ideas.

Have you played any of these? Are they as fun for you as they are for me? Let me know what you think down below and if you have any more suggestions, I’d be happy for them too.



  1. Hey great list of games, this comes really handy during the lockdown. We have Overcooked 2 – This game is just like playing a game of monopoly with family. There will be fighting and possibly tears…but honestly communication is key, and it’s harder than you would think. I play with my wife and son and it’s gets a bit heated at times, but it’s so much fun we can’t stop.

    • Thanks for checking out the post! I agree, in times like these, many people are turning to games to keep sane, although having overcooked could have the opposite effect of that. I have played it myself with my family and found it to be pretty chaotic, but fun, though we still steer clear of that game. It’s good that you play with your wife and son, strengthen those family bonds and communication skills even if it can get heated sometimes, just as long as there are breaks between sessions and levels, the kitchen can get pretty hot.

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