What is Greedfall About? – A Tactful Battle

It has been a few months since the new RPG game graced the gaming world and many people were asking; what is Greedfall about? This game has brought something to the gaming scene as a kind of replacement to what SOME developers have seemingly abandoned (you know which ones I’m talking about); a good role-playing game that lets players choose how they want to play and have consequences based on those choices. Sure they didn’t bring in any new and exciting game mechanic that could change the face of gaming, but they are somewhat fulfilling the cravings that come with being an RPG junkie.

Greedfall was kind of like a surprise to some people, personally I hadn’t heard of it until just a few weeks before the game release as compared to games like Watch Dogs Legion, which has been building hype for months.

Due to the short notice and minimal media exposure, people were a bit skeptical of playing Greedfall, and many were wondering if it’s a game that would even be worth their attention. So, this post will be about what the game is like and whether you should spend your precious time and money on it. There may be spoilers, just a friendly warning.

What Greedfall is About

The basic premise of this game is that the mainland is plagued by an unknown disease that has killed many already, and the hero has to go off to a newly discovered land that has so far been untouched by this plague to find a cure. You start off as the diplomatic ambassador of a neutral faction. Emphasis on DIPLOMATIC, this game requires you to navigate around the various factions in the world in order to unite or divide the people as well as trying to find the cure for this plague.

The maps are sectioned off and aren’t too large, so the exploration doesn’t seem like it’s dragging on forever. One of the main things this game focuses on is doing side quests to gain reputation with the various factions in order to bolster your forces for the finale.

If you remember history class, then you’ll be able to see the similarities that this game has with real life. Invading the natives lands, forcing them to defend themselves because the various factions think their way of life is superior, the discrimination and corruption, all sprinkled with a bit of magic, these elements combine together well enough to garner a decent amount of interest to play and experience the world of Greedfall.

How Greedfall Looks

There are many things to consider when talking about the graphics of the game, such as facial expressions, colour scheme, art style and how the weapons and armour look as well as the flow of combat. In general though, the graphics deserve and A- at least, here’s why:

Colour Scheme: At first, the colour scheme looks dark and dire, understandable when you’re in a starting area that is suffering from the plague, it works well when you first start out.

As you get further along in the story though and finally reach the fated land of Teer Fradee, you’ll notice a brown filter when you look up into the sky, thinking that it would look like a nice blue on an island untouched by the plague. It kind of dulls all the colours on the island. The grass and trees aren’t as vibrant and full of life as you thought it would be, but then again, the factions from the main continent have invaded these lands and are most likely bringing the plague along with them.

Now, if the brown filter is bugging you and you’re playing on the PC, there are graphics mods that can fix the colour of the game for you and bring out it’s full eye candy potential. Sadly, if you’re on the consoles, you’re going to have to stick to it, honestly though, when playing the game, the brown filter might not even be noticed because it fits pretty well with the dire theme of Greedfall.

Facial Expressions and Art Style:

Starting with the art style of the game; the devs did a good job of making everything look historic, yet magical and everyone in the game looks pretty posh and dapper. Buildings definitely look old style and make you feel like you are back in history. The environment outside the major cities is decently populated with wild life and nature shines through, making it feel like a living and changing world, a breath of fresh air from the hopelessness and desperation that seems to have followed the factions from across the sea.

As for the facial expressions, there was enough done to make each character look and feel like they are actually living, breathing beings. Their faces showed some emotions when they feel like you made an unfair decision against their assigned factions or when you’ve done something that has touched their hearts. The eyes and body gestures don’t look mechanic or dead, overall they definitely make you feel like you’re playing a game that is alive.

The Combat is Fun and Action Packed

Despite this game focusing heavily on diplomacy, there is definitely combat involved. Sometimes a fight just can’t be avoided and the only way to get through is by convincing them with your weapons.

Mostly it’s when you’re out exploring the maps and coming across beasts or fighting in the underground tournament. The combat is fluid and when you’re throwing magic missiles at your enemies, it makes you feel pretty badass. Of course, you have to be slightly careful of continuous combos and you have to keep in mind the weaknesses of each enemy to make sure you defeat them before they beat you; they can be pretty tough.

Each attack has to follow through, so if you’re rapidly pressing the attack button and the enemy doesn’t stagger and takes a swipe at you as your’re swinging or firing off a shot, you’re going to get hit, even if you’ve pressed the parry or block buttons, your hero’s reflexes just aren’t that fast.

Overall, the combat has nice flow and requires a bit of control so you can dodge or parry in time, it’s not turn based and it’s not quite hack and slash, it’s well-rounded and closer to how actual fights work. 

Character and Companions

Let’s talk about the characters and their roles in the world of Greedfall. The protagonist and companions are overall quite likable, the romance is pretty basic and the development of relationships and some characters personal growths could use some improvement in order to make them a little more interesting to the players. I’m going to be focusing on each of these things and what I found to be done decently and which aspects of the hero, their companions and other NPC’s that could do with a little more polishing and smoothing out in order to be more endearing to players.

Character: Your character is neutral and is in the role of being the diplomatic ambassador of one of the most powerful factions trying to unite the other groups together in order to find a cure for the plague. As you progress, a little subplot about your hero’s origins is brought up.

If you’ve been paying attention to the game, then hopefully you’ll connect the dots before you even get to the point of the game where it states the obvious. Regarding the subplot about your character, it didn’t feel very important at all in the grand scheme of things. It seemed to be put in as an afterthought to give the protagonist a little closure about their origins if you care enough to find out. This little subplot seemed a bit unnecessary, there could have been something deeper and multilayered instead of just ending it in a way that leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

Other than that one origin quest, the actual way that your character develops is through levelling and investing points into the skill trees. There are three to choose from and each of these trees have a set number of points that can be invested. If you’re looking to max out your character and make them god tier, you sadly cannot do that, Greedfall actually requires you to invest your points wisely. Luckily, if you mess up your build, there is an option to reset everything though, so don’t worry too much about that, experimenting with builds is completely fine.

You get 5 Companions and a Cousin:

A game with companions can either be really fun and immersive or really get on your nerves with how annoying and useless their AI is trying to be. Luckily in Greedfall, the companions are decent, though they don’t really have much development as individuals, but they can provide a boost to certain skills. They will fight with you and be useful, but sadly I found the available companions to be lacking in individual development.

One companion from each faction joins you on your mission to look for a cure, if you want to keep them, then you have to be nice to them or else they WILL leave you which is pretty interesting.

Then there is your cousin, he is the acting governor of the new neutral city that was established on Teer Fradee and his character development is the most dynamic throughout the game. His backstory makes you feel sorry for him and then he endears himself to you by being such a good guy to your protagonist, much like a loving puppy. Basically he is extremely grateful to your hero because they are the only one who actually cares about him. As you play through the game, you can’t help but want to support him and be on his side, sadly there are only two fates awaiting him, both are not very happy endings for him.

The Romance is Okay:

There may not be very much development of the characters as individuals but, there is romantic development at least, even if it follows the generic and simple formula. It’s the same routine of helping whoever you’re interested in with their quests and then choosing the right response that gets you the most brownie points before finally a confession which then leads to some pretty decent kissing scenes (just kissing scenes, no adult action happening here). Even if it doesn’t bring anything new or ground breaking when it comes to including a romance subplot, at least it adds some immersion. 

Overall, the characters don’t have much wiggle room when it comes to seeing them grow. They have 3 purposes, and that is to represent their factions, be potential love interests and provide certain skill boosts , although only four of these companions qualify for romance. Sure, they are all unique in their own way, but it feels like they were just put there in order to get their two cents in on behalf of their factions. 

Crafting and Customization

When I found out that crafting was a thing in Greedfall, I was excited to be making my own weapons and armour as well as making the enhancements to them. Unfortunately, I found the crafting options to be limited, you can’t craft your own weapons or armour, but you can enhance them at least.

Also, the quality of your items and gear are set at a fixed value, they may be of legendary tier, but the quality rating could be low and you aren’t able to increase it which is a let down because if you’re like me, you only want the best of the best for your hero.

I didn’t spend very much time crafting because of how limited it’s range of customization is. The only time I even opened up the crafting menu was when a quest needed a certain item crafted in order to complete it. Although, I did make some enhancements to the weapons and armour in the hopes of increasing the quality, this was of course before I found out that quality is a fixed number value.

If you’re into potions though and use them a lot then you’d probably be visiting the workbench more often. Overall, the crafting mechanic in this game is lacking, it felt more like an afterthought really rather than something fun and enjoyable.

That being said though, I didn’t mind the crafting, sure it wasn’t innovative and in depth or offer much customization, but it was there.

Is Greedfall Worth It?

Personally, I think the game was worth the time, sure it fell short of a few things, but the story was solid, graphics were nice even though there was a strong brown filter over everything and the combat was fun. It at least hit 3 of the most important things that a game should have in order to be a decent play.

TLDR: 6.5/10 – Decent and Enjoyable enough

Have you played Greedfall? If you have what did you think of it? If you haven’t but are looking for an RPG to play, would you consider this game? Let me know down below, it’s nice to get different perspectives and thoughts, plus I’m sure I’ve missed some points, good or bad, that would be worth mentioning.

Thanks for reading, and see you all in the next post.