How is Far Cry 3?

Far Cry 3

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It’s been years since I last went near a Far Cry game and as you can see, it took me even longer to finish, 8 years have passed since the release of this game, that makes me feel old. I keep hearing about all these Far Cry releases and I think back to the last time I even played one. Now, in 2020, I was wondering, how is Far Cry 3? Did it age well and is it still holding its own in the new decade?

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to finishing it, I had played a bit of it a few years earlier but hadn’t completed it, I guess I just wasn’t into it anymore. I decided to give it a try once more because I recently got into a “shooting game” phase thanks to Doom 2016, another first person shooter (FPS) game which I wrote a review about recently.

There are other reasons why I put my play through of Far Cry 3 on ice and I think these reasons can justify and excuse my slowness.

The Storyline was Alright I Guess

Far Cry 3 Story

First off, a little story background. When I first started this game and found myself caged after a nice dare devilry introduction I was pretty excited about getting into the Far Cry 3 world. Unfortunately, shortly after I gained control of my character, I started becoming a bit disappointed.

We get to play as the middle brother of 3 which I will be talking more about a little later, all of them and their friends get abducted somehow while on their skydiving trip, don’t ask me where they went as they didn’t exactly tell me the location.

We begin our escape with our older brother who is the more competent and level-headed one as he was trained in the military. Of course, just as we are almost home free, we get caught by the psychotic pirate captain who kidnapped us and he kills our much more reliable and enlightened brother.

Far Cry 3 Vaas

Being the lucky chosen one that we are, the bad guy decides to give us a head start on running before siccing his pirate lackeys on us which, in my opinion, was a poor decision as now I am left to play as the character that I didn’t want. Anyway, we escape and wake to find ourselves in a hut with a guy who was tattooing our arm while we were out cold and proceed to trust him with no questions asked. 

And so begins our journey to rescuing our friends and escaping this beautiful but deadly island… at least that was the main idea anyway. At some point later in the story, it became about my character growing up and thinking that he had finally found his place on this island with some crazy cultists, going around killing and blowing everything up in civil war. 

I don’t know about you, but if I found myself waking up to a strangers face who was also tattooing my arm while I was passed out, I’d be a bit more suspicious and cautious about trusting them.

Also, why the heck are we trusting these “good guys” immediately and without question? How do they know the protagonist’s name? How did we go from being an incompetent baby to this psychotic killing machine in just the first 30 minutes of the game? All these questions and more kept popping up as I progressed through the storyline and none of them got answered, only more confusing things kept being added to my growing list.

Other than that though, the story did stick to its original idea of getting his friends and his younger brother back, but that was it. In the end, I had to choose to either see the plot line through to the end or condemn my friends and family to a sad death away from home with betrayal being the last thing they knew in life, all for the sake of getting laid. 

Honestly? This choice should be a no brainer to people who have morals and principles, but it’s just a game and does not, in any way, reflect who we truly are… right?

The Main Character…

Far Cry 3 Main Character

Okay, here is the most annoying and major sticking point to my Far Cry 3 experience, the main character. To put it simply, I think he is an ungrateful scumbag of a man-child, even the crazy pirate who abducted us in the first place is a better person than who we are forced to play as.

At first, I thought he was pretty cool though, going skydiving and doing some crazy fun things that I wish I could do in real life, but he turns out to be a guy who doesn’t know how good he has it and depending on your choice in the end, will never realize that.

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t hate the guy, and I can kind of understand why he is the way he is. Coming from a privileged life with a silver spoon in his mouth when everything is set up perfectly for his success and happiness, I get that it can all be taken for granted.

I just thought that losing your beloved brother like that and having your friends and younger brother taken from you as well would wake you up and help you appreciate everything you have in life. Instead, he decides to get lost in his revenge killing spree and surrender himself to his growing insanity.

I mean his main motivation that is pushing him to do all these savage things is getting revenge and rescuing his friends, but what’s the point in all that if you decide to kill them in the end anyway? Depending on your choice in the end, there would be no point to the game.

I’ve got a lot more thoughts on the guy, but I think this is enough of my complaining. Well, at least I kind of feel like I’ve slightly redeemed him as a person by choosing the good ending.

So Much Exploration

Far Cry 3 Open World

Ubisoft is known for their great open world games, they know how to make it feel a live and immersive. Granted, the vehicles available are pretty lame, but they serve their purpose and that is to get from point A to point B.

Personally, I had the most fun using the wing suit, parachute and hang gliders. I was having a bit of a hard time steering my guy in the air and timing his landings right so he wouldn’t die, but other than that, they were my go to modes of transportation.

There were a lot of treasures and other collectibles scattered around the map, that alone can lengthen the game a lot if I were interested in getting them all. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t that invested in the game, so I didn’t bother with most of these things.

I only focused on getting to those bell towers to clear away the fog obscuring the map and liberating those outposts for fast traveling around the island, that way I could focus more on the story even if it wasn’t as great as it could have been.

Another thing that made exploration fun was the wildlife. There is a hunting, gathering and crafting mechanic involved which is the only way to upgrade your own bag space and wallet capacity as well as being able to make your own healing syringes. I spent the majority of the game exploring and hunting the animals I needed to in order to upgrade my stuff as I was tired of having such a small limit for carrying everything.

Thankfully all these additional mechanics helped me get through the game as it was starting to feel like a slog halfway in and it also gave me a little breather from the craziness of the storyline.

The Gun Play is Meh

Far Cry 3 Guns

So the main reason why I decided to play Far Cry 3 is because it’s a first person shooter and as I’ve mentioned, I’m kind of starved for these types of games and this series just popped into my mind. The shooting and weapons aren’t anything too impressive, but it still does the trick and fulfills that craving.

Though there are times while aiming with the sights, when the dot is right on the enemy’s head, I miss. Now I don’t know if it’s just me being bad or if the weapon itself is a little off, but it can be a little frustrating when I just needed to land a few more bullets to down the bad guy before they got me and they haven’t even moved from their position. Maybe it’s the sway from the character breathing?

I don’t know how true to life the devs made the gun play, but when I think about it now, playing as an inexperienced and privileged kid who probably had no prior firearm experience could explain why using them can be a little frustrating at times. Yeah, I’ll go with that, I’m just going to downplay my aiming skills, I mean, I feel like I’m pretty good with that stuff, especially since these are the types games that I’ve been obsessed with lately.

5/10 Less than Stellar, but Still Enjoyable

Far Cry 3 Citra's Temple

Overall, the game was mediocre at best, I think the best way to enjoy the Far Cry series is to not think about the story and just go with it, saved me some confusion and brainpower when I just stopped taking the storyline so seriously, actually started to have fun and enjoyed it a bit more.

There is a lot that could use some refining such as a more friendly user interface, a story that doesn’t feel like it was just put together on the fly with very minimal effort and a playable character that has already passed the stage of self exploration and is more mature.

Here’s to hoping that the Far Cry games get better, or at least turn into a more organized kind of craziness.

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What did you think of Far Cry 3? Let me know down in the comments below, I honestly want to know, it’d be nice to hear a different perspective on it.