How is the Resident Evil 2 Remake?

Resident Evil 2

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How is the Resident Evil 2 Remake? Is it a faithful retelling of the original Resident Evil 2 back in the late 90s? Or maybe you’re a gamer that doesn’t like playing horror games (like me) and are wondering what it’s about and whether you should give it a try now that you’re more brave.

If you’re the latter, then I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone for a bit and try the new remakes of the Resident Evil series, starting with RE2. I, like you, fellow gamer, do not like playing horror games, I have not touched one since I was in elementary school, but now, I’m warming up to the franchise (crazy, I can hardly believe it myself).

When I first heard that RE2 was being remade, I didn’t care, quickly forgot about it and avoided any gameplay videos about it.

What actually got me to play this game though was the newest Resident Evil 3 Demo, when I first saw that, it was absolutely beautiful and I was itching for a game where I could shoot things with a concrete single player story line.

I must have been more desperate than I realized; to choose Resident Evil 2 as the game to scratch that itch. Anyway, I’m reviewing this game as a new player, and maybe it’ll help some of you decide to take the leap and play it for yourselves.

What is the Story of Resident Evil 2?

Resident Evil 2 Story

Seeing, as I haven’t played the first RE game, I can only tell you what I know about the story of this entry.

The main idea is that a major pharmaceutical company called “Umbrella Corporation” is secretly making bio weapons and viruses for the military and of course, for money. It’s based in Raccoon City and through a series of events, a virus along with a few bio weapons are now on the loose. Citizens have been turned into zombies, running amok among them are these tough and destructive bio weapons who have been ordered to hunt down the few survivors left in order to keep the company’s secret contained.

There are two different yet very similar perspectives you get to play through the game with, one is with a rookie cop and the other is through the eyes of a young college woman. Each follow mostly the same route through the game, but have different experiences with different people and enemies; they both end up going to most of the same places though.

These two, by unfortunate circumstance, are headed to this city, only to find that the whole place is overrun with zombies and they both get chased by a bio weapon named Mr. X, who’s sole purpose is to eradicate all survivors and make sure no one finds out about the company’s little playground. 

To get the full experience, you’ll have to play through the game 4 times, 2 scenarios for each of the characters. If you don’t think you want to, well I’m sure the game will change your mind (it did with mine) as you delve deeper into the city, it’s all very intriguing.

How Scary is the Game?

Resident Evil 2 Zombie

Honestly, the most scary part of the game to me was the first place you start in; the Raccoon City police department. This building acts as the hub area, you revisit this place multiple times throughout the story. The hallways are dark and this is the main place that Mr. X will be chasing you in.

The atmosphere, really dark lighting and the litter of potential zombies lying around are the scariest parts of the game. Getting chased by Mr. X isn’t really all that bad as he comes with his own theme music to let you know that he’s near you. 

Once you get past the police station, things are a little less scary, though you’ll be introduced to a new bio monster that will chase you through the next areas and is even more aggressive than X.

There are also some jump scares, but they don’t happen too often, usually when you forget that you’ve left a zombie hobbling around somewhere and they suddenly get you from behind or from around a corner.

Other than that, always expect to be scared, suspect every area you go through and every body you see, sometimes it helps you not to jump, scream or otherwise get too scared. The good thing about this is that getting through it once, the next playthrough will be less scary. Also, make sure you check the ceilings, as zombies and other things could drop from above.

Resident Evil 2 Remake will definitely get your heart racing for sure, plus it’ll make you laugh at yourself when you get scared, or maybe that only works with a few of us crazy gamers. Just letting you know what you’re in for if you decide to play it, despite being a horror game, it’s really fun.

What Makes RE2 Fun?

Resident Evil 2 Leon and Claire

For me, what made this game fun was that I could shoot things, I know there are a lot of other shooting games out there, but this one has immersive storytelling, unlike the majority that is out there. Sadly, many of the shooter games I’ve found were all focused on the multiplayer aspect and only included a single player campaign as a side thing.

RE2 Remake is a true single player experience and has a unique inventory management system that I’ve not seen in any other games. You have to watch your inventory space, make sure there is always room for your essentials, such as weapons and puzzle pieces.

Some items don’t stack and the ones that do have a limit, usually up to a maximum of 3 unless it’s ammo, which has a higher stackable amount, but still not much.

Having an organized bag is key to your survival, if you don’t have enough room you’ll have to discard some things or go back to a safe room to drop off some stuff in the storage box and then go back for those missed items, all of which are very useful.

It has definitely got its own style that sets it apart from other games of the same genre(s). At first, I thought the inventory management mechanic would make it less fun for me, but it actually works out very well and I found it to be a very cool aspect of the game. 

The crafting mechanic is smooth, easy to work with and well integrated. It’s just attaching upgrades to your weapons or combining certain herbs together to create healing items with varying strengths. Any game with a good , simple crafting system just adds to the fun.

Another thing that makes this game enjoyable is that you get to solve puzzles and find keys that unlock certain doors that could hold some valuable loot such as ammo, herbs, weapons and key items that are needed to move forward; along with these, you could also potentially find some more zombo’s lying in wait as well. Always a fun time when you down a zombie though, so, not too bad.

If you’re one of those gamers that like to do everything and collect every item in the game, then this would be great for you, even if it IS a horror game.

Why Play it?

Resident Evil 2 Boss

For one, if you’re looking for a game that has great immersion and looks spectacular, then this one should be on your radar. It has great gun play, endearing characters with great acting and a very interesting storyline.

Getting to blast zombie heads, being chased around and figuring out the various puzzles in the game just gives you a certain rush that makes you feel alive. It provides a great distraction when you need it, capturing all your attention onto the screen and making you forget what’s going on in the real world for a while.

An experience like none other, I’ve played many games that were more or less similar to each other and have experienced “gaming fatigue,” after playing Resident Evil 2 the Remake though, I feel recharged and I didn’t even have to put down the controller or turn the screen off (though taking actual frequent breaks where you DO step away from your gaming device is good for you and highly recommended).

It pulled me out of a gaming slump and is sure to do the same for you, it’s unique on its own and isn’t like any of the other horror games out there; more action packed than scary if you ask me.

9/10 Won’t Want to Miss Out

Resident Evil 2 Ending

Overall, it was a very good game, as a first time Resident Evil player, it was very enjoyable even though I try to avoid playing horror games at all costs. The new RE engine it was remade on makes the game look absolutely stunning, one of the best looking motion captured games I’ve ever played.

The one thing that bugged me the most was that you aren’t able to dodge these zombies, though that was later made possible in its sequel (Resident Evil 3), even if it IS a little clunky. I get that it was a remake, but they added so much more to it, they could’ve at least added a dodging mechanic and still kept aspects of the original RE2.

Other than that, the game was absolutely fantastic and I’m glad that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. I”ll definitely be playing some more of its sequels in the future.

Let me know down below if you’ve every played a Resident Evil game, and if you have, what do you think of the new remakes?

If you’re new to the whole horror genre like I am and are curious about trying it out, I highly recommend this one! I’d be happy to hear your thoughts about it if you DO decide to give it a try too.

Not up for a scary game at the moment? All good, you can check out my other reviews here for a different game.

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