Is Code Vein Worth It? – It’s like Soulsborne on Easy Mode

Is Code Vein Worth It

If you’ve ever heard of or played any of the souls borne series then you might have heard of Code Vein, the anime like version inspired by the original Souls games. Many are wondering whether Code Vein is worth it and if it belongs next to its predecessors and other titles of the same genre and game play.

It has taken a few weeks to finally finish the game completely, real life can be so annoying sometimes, but with games likes this, it’s going to make you want to rage quit and stay in reality, if it doesn’t then it isn’t doing its job very well.

This is one gamer’s review and experience on why you should willingly subject yourself to gaming stress. If you are one of those types of gamers that want to test their gaming skills and feel accomplished, then this game is for you. Here are some other reasons you might want to know about if you’re wondering about jumping into the world of Code Vein.

There may be spoilers, just in case you haven’t seen or played the game yet.

The Combat Can Be Frustrating

Combat Can be Frustrating

You know it’s a Souls-like game when the common enemies kill you easily even though you’ve slain many of them before. Especially when the game in this case; Code Vein, is Dark Souls on chill pills. I’m not saying that the combat isn’t challenging, it is, when you get to certain mob types and bosses that is.

The reaction time and tracking AI of the enemies is pretty slow so you can get in as many parries and back stabs as you want, it’s a little broken actually. Mind you, this only works on the regular monsters and sometimes the back stab box jumps around a bit.

Parrying on the other hand is kind of disappointing as there is a little delay before the actual animation happens, usually you’re supposed to parry right as the enemy takes a swing before it hits you, in this game though, you have to time the action just before they even start the swinging animation in order to account for the delay.

The bosses on the other hand are on a different level as they should be. It’s kind of hit or miss with them, some are really challenging, some are just broken and others are just plain easy. Make sure to watch out for the broken ones, those particular bosses will be a challenge to your sanity.

In general, the fighting in Code Vein is more relaxing and less likely to drive you insane and rage quit, but it has its moments.

The Story is Anime Like and Interesting

Anime Like and Interesting

Here’s a little background before your story takes place: There was a big event before the game starts that prompted the start of “Project Queen” where a special young woman volunteered to go through numerous pain inducing experiments in order to advance science, technology and medicine. One of these advancements is the creation of revenants; essentially near immortal vampires. 

Code Vein Blood Bead Tree

Revenants need blood in order to survive and stay sane. Since the “Queen’s” defeat, there has become a shortage of blood as many humans were massacred in her insane rampage. These humans were then turned into vampires in order to provide an undying army. Humans aren’t the only source of blood though, there are blood beads that grow on trees called blood springs, but even these are drying up.

This is where you actually start off: your character has the unique ability to “re-hydrate” these blood springs as well as create safe havens for revenants so they don’t succumb to blood-lust and lose their minds, joining the ranks of the “Lost” which is the name given to those that starved.

Using this ability, you join a group of revenants seeking a sustainable and stable source of these blood beads in order to live alongside humans without having to take their blood.

Another thing to know about the story is that there are 3 different endings depending on what you did in your play through. If you’re one of those players that like to see all possible endings, then this game is going to provide you with many hours of entertainment which, in my opinion, makes any game that can do this worth picking up.

Overall, the story lends a lighter and wholesome tone as compared to other games within the same category. Sure, it’s got some sad and dark themes, but it’s actually got a noble goal. It makes you feel like you want to save this world and its people.

For those of you wondering, there is of course a new game plus mechanic where you get to keep all of your skills, abilities, weapons and upgrades so you can try out different styles and master them all. 

Advanced Character Customization

Male Advanced Character Customization

Alright, if you’re one of those people that like to have control over how your character looks. Then Code Vein is going to make you happy, add to that if you like anime, then it’s also going to make you more excited on top of that.

In the character creation screen, you are presented with a bevy of options from height, hair colour, clothing, accessories and even each individual eye down to the pupil. With all of these options, you are free to make your character look as ugly or as godly as you want.

Not to mention that when customization is an option, it tends to make the game more immersive and more likely that you would want to invest more of your time into it.

You Get Fighting Buddies

You Get Fighting Buddies

Remember when I mentioned that Code Vein is Dark Souls on chill pills? Well this is why; you get 6 companions that you can bring along to help you fight through this post apocalyptic world.

On top of fighting with you, they can heal you and bring you back from death. This of course is not infinite, they have a limited amount of patience before they just lose faith and leave you to die and try again, there is also a cool down before they can revive you after the first “death” as well.

These companions don’t necessarily have to accompany you, there is the option to go solo to make it more challenging for those hardcore gamers. Though, they will still be with you as ghosts, they’ll just show up in the cutscenes.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 = Worth It

Overall Rating

In the end, it’s up to you whether you want to give Code Vein a try. I’m just putting out my thoughts and opinions on why I think the game is worth investing your time and money into.

I gave this game an 8.5/10 because some of its mechanics could use some work, particularly the parrying system with its slow activation time.

Another thing that could have made this game even better would be having special weapons and armours that can only be acquired by beating bosses in a certain way, as well as having the ability to dual wield.

Alas, this is not a Dark Souls game, so there must be some sacrifices in order to keep it from being a copy cat of the aforementioned series and being brutally compared to them.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped some of you make up your minds about Code Vein if you’re sitting on the fence about whether to play it or not.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the game if you’ve played it, does it belong next to the other games of this genre or was it a mockery? 

If you haven’t played it, are you thinking of getting it now? If not, you can try out the free demo and see for yourself, I forgot to mention that earlier.