What is Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order? – A Completed Review

For those that are Star Wars fans as well as gamers, the recent installment into the franchise is a welcome sight. Wondering what Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is? Well it is a Star Wars game that finally lets you use light sabers, force powers and is a full-blown action RPG. I’ve gone through and collected all the entries in the data banks and tactical guide, basically played until platinum.

There are a lot of collectibles and customization options that can be found around each of the worlds you go to and I’ll be touching on that some more later on. The story is fine, but it kind of tricked me into thinking that it was about salvation instead of the journey to becoming a full fledged Jedi Knight. Speaking of the story, here are my thoughts on the game overall, this may contain spoilers if you haven’t finished or even started yet.

It is Very Story Driven

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is truly a single player experience. The story goes in one direction, there aren’t any side quests, it’s not a full-blown open world RPG that lets you do as you please and the whole point of this game was not what I thought it would be.

Here is a background of the story; You are a Jedi, or so you think you are and you’re in hiding on a scrap planet that takes apart spaceships. Since Anakin’s fall to the dark side as Darth Vader and the rise of Emperor Palpatine, most of the Jedi have been wiped out or gone into hiding. Cal Kestis, your protagonist of this spin-off, is one of the few “lucky” ones to have survived.

The Force comes knocking on your door and suddenly throws you into an epic adventure to find a holocron that holds important information that could be used to save the Jedi. That was the plot that I believed in, but since the game is supposed to be canon to the Star Wars universe, this isn’t actually the point of the game.

Instead, the actual story is about Cal becoming a full fledged Jedi since he never got the chance to finish his training as a padawan. Throughout the game you get to visit 5 planets, one of which is the Wookie home world of Kashyyyk, in order to find tombs that each hold a clue to unlocking a vault that houses this very important holocron. What the game means is that Cal is going through his Jedi trials on his way to becoming a Jedi Knight.

I mean overall, the story isn’t bad, it’s linear and wants players to complete the story first before exploring and looting, which is all fine and good until you finally get your lightsaber to look badass and realize there’s no point in playing anymore, you’ve done everything. That is if you’re like me and like to do everything you can in one region before moving on to the next and progressing the story.

Also, there is no new game plus, so all the loot and powers that you’ve gotten won’t carry over to your next playthrough if you’re planning on doing another.

The Combat is Challenging

Spider Combat Challenge

You know that feeling of accomplishment when you’ve successfully overcome a challenge? That sense of “I can do ANYTHING” that you usually get after beating a boss? Well, if you’ve ever played any Souls games then you’re going to like this Star Wars game too.

The combat can be pretty challenging and is a fun combination of satisfying fights with the added bonus of being able to use the force and wielding a lightsaber.

You have 3 force powers; slow, push and pull as well as being able to switch between a dual lightsaber or the iconic single saber. There is one more lightsaber style that you get too, but you only get a brief moment with it and can only be unlocked near the end of the game, which is a little sad because it’s the coolest lightsaber style, in my opinion anyway.

Seriously though, the combat in the game is fun, cool and makes you feel like a boss, 8/10 highly recommend.

No Levelling System, No Grinding

No Levelling System, No Grinding

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has a character development system that is very similar to Dark Souls. You don’t have to level up like most other RPG’s where you gain experience in order to advance to a higher number and therefore unlocking new skills and weapons that way.

The levelling in this game is more about gaining experience that goes directly into a skill point you can use to unlock more force abilities, more health/force power and saber skills. It makes sense since the whole point of the game is for Cal to reestablish his connection to the force and becoming an actual Jedi Knight.

Implementing a game mechanic that doesn’t emphasize on levelling up in a traditional sense is great since you don’t have to reach a certain number value as a character in order to unlock stronger weapons, armours or mods. Straight progression like this takes away the grinding that is always a default mechanic when it comes to RPG’s, if you’ve noticed that most if not all RPG’s required you to grind in order to invest points into stats or unlock better gear.

Of all the games I’ve played, this one does character development nicely and differently. It’s a great direction towards a more immersive story and hopefully there will be more games that adopt this kind of levelling system.

There is Lots of Customization

Lightsaber Lots of Customization

One of the other things that I loved about this game other than the combat is how much customization options there are, particularly for your lightsaber. Sure there are skins for Cal, BD-1 and the Mantis, but what I really cared about was how cool my lightsaber looked in cutscenes and when used for cutting down enemies.

You can customize every component of your lightsaber from the switch to the emitter and of course the colour of the saber as well as how the grip looks with a plethora of options. Unfortunately for those of you who did not pre-order the game because you’re smart, you won’t get the nice new orange colour crystal, but there are still 7 colours to choose from.

In addition to pimping out your lightsaber, you also get a variety of options for how BD-1, the Mantis and even how Cal looks, though I found the options to be a bit lacking. Nonetheless, the game offers plenty of choices to make your character look great while fighting back the empire.

The Verdict

Overall, the game is solid, immersive and very fun, the characters aren’t bad and BD-1 is definitely a droid that lost of players if not all can get attached to, Greez is a pretty funny companion and Merrin is hot. The combat is definitely worth it on it’s own, the planets that you get to visit are very cool and I found that two of them made you feel like more of a badass than you already are.

The customization options and character development system are seamless and well done. I do have a very slight problem with the game though; you are forced to reach a certain point in the story first before being able to go out and explore the rest of the planets and picking up all the loot that’s lying around, but I digress.

As I said before, the game isn’t designed with an open world concept in mind, it’s heavily focused on storytelling and doesn’t really let you go at your own pace. If you’re like me and you like to explore the whole planet first and get every single piece of loot possible before moving the story forwards, well you’re going to have to bury that semi-completionist part of you when you’re playing this game.

It’s fine though since you get to fight with a lightsaber and parts of the map on each world that you can explore without certain skills/powers are fun enough to make up for blocking you off from your complete exploration and looting obsession during your first visit to the planet.

With this latest entry into the Star Wars franchise, the devs played it pretty safe, there’s nothing completely ground breaking about it, but it’s a good step in the right direction and hopefully there is a next installment in the near future that has them opening up a bit more.

TLDR; 9/10 Highly Recommend, you should play it.

Have you played Star Wars Jedi Fallen order? If you have, what are your thoughts on the game? Leave a comment down below, I’d like to hear your thoughts as a fellow gamer on this installment of the Star Wars Universe.